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With years of experience providing fire and smoke damage restoration in the Schertz, TX area, Dwyer Restoration is ready to handle any structural issues, cleanup needs or reconstruction you're facing.

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Fire Damage Repair Services in Schertz, TX

Fire Damage Cleanup Services

At Dwyer Restoration, Inc, we recognize that a fire can be devastating and traumatic at your home or business. The last thing you need to worry about is finding a dependable contractor to handle the job. We offer 24/7 emergency fire damage restoration services with a highly trained and certified team of technicians who are always ready to help. We can work directly with your insurance company to streamline the process for you from start to finish, handling all the details so you don't have to. We're committed to quality and professional service and provide real solutions to restore your property to pre-loss conditions as soon as possible. Call us at (210) 371-5843 right away for all your emergency fire damage restoration needs.

Smoke Damage Repair Services

Smoke damage to your home or business can devastate and leave you feeling hopeless, but the professional team at Dwyer Restoration, Inc is prepared 24/7 to help restore your property and peace of mind. You can trust that you're in good hands with our experienced smoke damage restoration specialists. Due to its very nature, smoke can very effectively soil nearly every surface in a home in a short amount of time. We can help speed up your recovery process and get you back to normal as quickly as possible by removing unsalvageable items, cleaning smoke-affected surfaces, and removing distasteful smoke odors. Call the professionals at Dwyer Restoration, Inc today at (210) 371-5843 for all of your smoke damage restoration needs in Schertz, TX.

Smoke Odor Removal Services

Odors stemming from fire and smoke damage create invisible threats that are irritating and disruptive at best and damaging to your health and well-being at worst. Smoke and odor particles continue to stay airborne for days after the fire has stopped, creating an unpleasant hazard in your home or business. No matter the cause of these odors, our professional team at Dwyer Restoration, Inc is ready 24/7 to address your smoke odor remediation needs with the most efficient cleaning products, equipment, and procedures to remove smoke odor so you can breathe easily again.

When you call us for smoke odor removal, we will thoroughly evaluate your damage and meet with you to explain the details and processes we use to remove the smoke odor from your property. We understand the anxiety associated with the aftermath of a fire and want you to understand that you’re in safe hands every step of the way. Call us today at (210) 371-5843 if you have lingering smoke odors from a fire.

Fully-equipped to handle all types of fire and smoke damage. Dwyer Restoration, Inc offers free estimates. Call us now! (210) 371-5843

Upon Arrival, Your Dwyer Restoration, Inc Certified Fire Damage Repair Specialists Will:

  • Help determine the amount of damage and salvageable items.
  • Provide accurate and thorough documentation of affected areas.
  • Begin timely fire damage removal, water extraction and drying processes for the water left behind from the firefighting efforts.
  • Track drying progress and maintain drying logs.
  • Remove the lingering smoke odor.
  • Work directly with your insurance company.
Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Frequently Asked Questions

It's never a quick fix, though we've gathered together a multi-disciplined team of contractors and technicians to work in tandem to complete the work as soon as possible. From structural repairs to sand/soda-blasting to odor removal to contents cleaning, our fire damage restoration crew begins as soon as the project scope is determined, and we don't stop until the job is done and both you and the insurance company are satisfied with the results.

Most often, yes. You'll need to check your specific policy for the full scope of coverage, but generally, if the damage was caused by a flame, it's covered. Your best bet is to hire a professional restoration to help you through the claims process. We know how to avoid some common missteps when it comes to making sure the entire loss is documented and covered. Many homeowners and insurance companies forget, for instance, to consider that your HVAC system will need to be cleaned of soot, and since fires are extinguished using water, many areas of your home may need to be restored due to water damage even if they weren't directly affected by the fire.

Depending on the extent or location of the fire damage, some homeowners can move back in a few days or longer. The fire department will usually turn off electricity and gas to the property immediately, which won't be restored until a building inspector says it's safe to turn those utilities back on. If you experienced significant smoke damage and the home's occupants include elderly persons, young children, or those with chronic health conditions, you may be wise to stay until the smoke cleanup is complete. Contracting with a company experienced in fire damage restoration can often get you back home sooner because they'll have the resources to hire and manage the many tradespeople who will need to work together to make the home liveable again.

DIY soot removal is not recommended. Commercially available products can actually cause permanent damage to surfaces. Soot itself is primarily oil-based, but that residue also contains toxic, possibly biohazard contaminants.

Smoke damage is rarely limited to one area of the house, and it leaves behind a residue that can hide in crevices and out-of-reach areas, and a simple "airing out" may not be sufficient. We recommend consulting with a smoke damage technician who can help you troubleshoot the next steps.

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